Sunday, 20 March 2016

About Eva Kem Green

My name is Evaline Nyambati author of Eva Kem Green. I have a degree in Tourism Management and over 10 years experience in the Airline industry. I love to travel, photos intrigue me and good Photography blows my mind away. I am a nature lover and I believe we need to protect our environment to keep our travel Destinations intact or better than we found them when we last visited.

I started Eva Kem Green on twitter and Facebook in the year 2015. In my ten years in the airline industry, I have realized that we take a lot of things for granted (for those of us who work in the industry and for most frequent travelers). Travelling for us is not such a hassle after all we are used to it. We know what we require, the do’s and don'ts at least most of them if not all. Unfortunately it is not so with the less traveled traveler and much worse for the first timers.

Eva Kem Green is designed to share Travel Tips that I have learnt over the years to make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable. I will also share my travel experience as well as those of my friends. Above all, I want you to enjoy and have fun through my blog posts. You are welcome to share your travel experiences as well as Travel Tips.

Let us Have Fun!!!


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