Health Travel Tips

Travel health risks are a major concern for most travelers. The more you travel, the more you are exposed. While some of these risks are non life threatening e.g common cold, some like Ebola, Yellow fever and Zika virus among others are worthy to worry about and one should take necessary precautions.

One can be exposed to health risks through:

  • mode of transport
  • destination(s)
  • duration and season of travel
  • purpose of travel
  • standards of accommodation, food hygiene and sanitation
  • behavior of the traveler
  • underlying health of the traveler.
Below are some health travel tips to ensure you enjoy your travel without worries.

Travel warnings from Governments.
Before you embark on your trip, research on any current health warnings and take them seriously. The fact that you visited a destination a weeks or month ago does not mean it is safe today.

World Health organization.(WHO)
The WHO website is a wealth source of information when it comes to health travel. Unforeseen health disasters may occur posing new risks to travelers. The WHO website is regularly updated and should be your frequent travel companion.

Some diseases requires you to have a vaccine for example yellow fever, do your research to establish if your destination is prone to such kind of health risks and take your vaccines accordingly. For the tropics you may need to consider Malaria preventive medication prior to your travel among other diseases.

Yes, your behavior may put you at risk. You should be cautious of the water and food you take to avoid contamination. Exposing yourself to mosquito bites and rodents creates a high health risk. The level of hygiene also extends to your accommodation.

Medical Centers
Do your research and know the nearest medical centers where you will be staying in case you need medical help.

Food and Drinks.
Always ask before you consume. Know the ingredients if you have food allergies, you do not want your vacation or business trip cut short because of some allergies from the food you consume.

Travel insurance.
Invest in a good travel insurance that will cover your medical needs in case you need it. Have the 24hr emergency contacts of your insurer within reach at all times.

See your doctor.
See your doctor before you travel for a health check up to capture any health problems that may cause you distress later on during our travel.

Healthy Travels Everyone!!!


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