What To Consider When buying That Air Ticket

The first thing that comes to mind when you plan to pack your bags and travel the world is a plane ticket. Whether you are fying within Kenya, out of or into Kenya, air travelling is the most convenient mode of transport as it is quick and saves you a lot of time and the fatigue that comes with land or water travel. I guess you would love to go for the best deals in the market, I always do. So, what do you take into consideration when buying your ait ticket? I would love to take you through some steps that I find useful when I set out to buy my ticket to ensure i get the best deals out there.
This is the first thing to condider before you buy your air ticket. You have to ensure that the fare is affordable to enable you save enough to enjoy the rest of your trip. Research online and from various carries plying the route for the best offers in the market. Your travel agent can also advise you on the offers available in the market. Chances are you are likely to find affordadble offers to save that 50 dollar or more for an extra luxary or entertainment at your destination.

Depending on the nature of your travel, you will have to take into consideration your routing before you buy that air ticket. If you are going for a business trip, you will find direct flights more convenient though they are expensive as compared to connecting flights. You would want to be on time and refreshed before you meet your business assosciates, besides direct flights have less disruption risks as compared to connecting flights. On the other hand if you are on a tour spree you will not mind a connecting flight, it is not only cheaper but it will allow you to expolre more airports and countries if you have enough transit time and your travel documents allow it. Unless you are in a hurry to get to your destination more especially where you have to meet up with a group for your tour, I would recomend connecting flights. They are always the best for the adventurous traveller. Besides, if your flight gets disrupted for long hours during transit, you get to be put up in a good hotel at the airline's cost and you may get a chance to explore more of that country.

Luxary Verses Convenience
Some of us love travelling in luxary others for convenience, get there, do you business and get back home. Whichiever is your style, this will determine your class of travel as well as the carrier you choose. A low cost airline will not offer you the luxary of comfort and meals, but it will get you to your destination at a cheaper fare. However, you will need to consider your luggage expenses as luggage is paid separately from your ticket as well as meals and other extra services. For a more luxarious travel, you may have to part more cash for your comfort. The good thing is that your luggage allowance will be more, meals included and you have a chance to choose your special meals as well as prebook for your seat well in advance. More previleges will of course be added if you are a frequent traveller registred with the carrirer's loyalty program.

The Carrier
More and more Airlines have entered the Air Transport industry nowaday as compare to the past, and more airlines are venturing into deastinations which were never served before or had an airline monopoly. Good news for us travellers, we have many options to choose from unless our destination has only one airline in operatin in which case we have no alternative. Before buying your airticket, do your research on the services offered by each airline, their schedule intergrity and airsatey records in relation to the their airfare before getting hold of that ticket. You want to get the best deal for your money and have a memorable and delightdul experience during your trip as well.

Conditions of carriage
Most of us have this weakness when we buy good and services, we only remember the fine prints when something goes wrong. It is  higly recomendable to read that fine print about the conditios of carriage. It will guide you in regard to how much liability the airline will take in case of delays, cancellations and baggage irregurarities.Most airlines, if not all have this online for ease access, take your time and go through it. Having a clear picture of the conditions of carrige of a carrier will enable you to make an informed choice, besides  you will know your rights in case of any disruptions or irregurarities during your  trip.

Cheap is not always cheap
Cheap air tickets are only cheap if your trip goes as planned, however they attract the most expensive penalities if you have to change your date of travel. Always make a point of checking with the airline or your travel agent how flexible your ticket will be in case you decide to make some changes. The terms and conditions are also available in soft copy in case you are booking online, check on it before you click that "I agree to the terms and condition" button. This will safegurd you from a lot of inconveniences if you decide to make some changes to your travel plans later besides,you may incur extra money was not bugdeted for. On the extream side you may end up losing all your money as some tickets can not be changed nor refunded, if they are refundable you end up losing the larger percentage of your cash.

Travel documents verces Transit points
Some countries may not allow you to transit their territory depending on local gorvenment regulations, other may require you to have a transit visa for the same. These regulations may apply even when you are not entereing the country so long as you are within an airport of that country. It will be painful to buy a ticket, only to find out at the airport that you can not go via that route or  you have inadequate travel documents for your transit destination. Most of us have the habit of asking the carrier or our travel agent if we require such documentation. You will get your answers yes, however, I highly recomend that you get in touch with the relevnat immigartion authorities to ensure you have the most current information.

It is my hope that you are now more informed about your travel the next time you choose to buy that air ticket for your trip. As always, do not hesitate to get in touch in case you have a question or a contribution to make. Lets have fun and have a pleasant flight for your next adventure.


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