What Not to Carry in Your Check-In Luggage

We all love to travel and we would love to be home far away from home, as a result we carry everything we think we need for our trip. Consequently we have too much for carry on and the rest , well must be checked in. I always recommend that you carry only the essential. If it can fit in your hand luggage the better, if not then avoid carrying some items in your checked in luggage. 

I have highlighted below some of items among others you should avoid to check in at all times. Next time we will talk more on how to pack effectively.  

Avoid carrying valuables of any kind in your checked baggage such as jewelry and money, especially since bags are subject to search at port of entry.

Don't pack anything electronic in your check-in suitcases, such as laptops, PDAs, MP3 players, iPods, phones, cameras or film. These items are prone to damage by security screening equipment. Many airlines if not all do not compensate for these items when they get damaged. They have a caption of the same in their conditions of carriage.

Food and Drink
Do not put any food or drinks into your checked baggage. Food items can perish or spill on other items.

Flammable Items
Do not pack anything that can start a fire, such as firearms, explosives, flares or matches. Fireworks and dynamite are prohibited as well. Flammable liquids or substances should not be packed, such as lighter fluid, gas or aerosol, unless the aerosol is an ingredient in personal care items like hairspray.


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