Ticket Cost Subject To Seat Availability

"Ticket cost subject to seat availability' If you are a frequent traveller you are familiar with these words, not the best to your ears but true and very useful. When an airline  or a travel agent tells you that the fare is subject to seat availability, it means the next time you inquire the same fare may not be available and yet  the flight is not full.

Airlines have segmented their fares into groups to ensure they offer good fares to their customers and at the same time make profits, as a result there are different levels of classes with different fares both in economy and business class. If your flight is  full when you are travveling your neighbour may have paid more or less than you depending on when they bought their ticket. Lower fares are normally sold first and the most expensive last. If an airline does not fill up their flight, their profit margin goes down. The fuller the flights, the more the profits for the airline. So, where does this leave you as a passenger? Why should you pay more or less than your counterpart and yet the service you receive on board are the same.

There is always a catch in any good deals they say, same applies to air tickets. The cheaper your ticket is, the more restrictive it is as well. You may not be able to make changes in your ticket or if you do, the change fee are going to be high. A refund may not be possible on such a ticket or the amount refunded is very low. When buying your ticket, always inquire to find out the fare rules that gorven your ticket. This will allow you to make un informed decision.


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